ACM Linea


A horizontal CNC panel saw with 95mm or 110mm blade projection.

Available in dimensions 3200, 3800 or 4400 mm.



Blade Carriage
Ribbed steel structure ensuring high stiffness. Independent rise & fall of blades on precision linear guides allowing high versatility of the applications and regulations. The scoring unit blade can be disabled by CNC, when it is not required. Centralised lubricating system.

Blade Change
Thanks to the “Easy Shift” system, the blades change is quick, easy and safe; only one Allen key is required.

Rack Transmission
Blade carriage movement through tempered and hardened rack: noiselessness and precision combined with long time durability; maintenance-free. The positioning is driven by CNC through inverter motor, speed 3-70 m/min or 3-130 m/min via brushless motor (on request).

Blade Height Manual Regulation
Measures shown by mechanical display. It can be made with blades in rotation and protection case closed. Alternatively the regulation can be made directly by CNC (on request).

Scoring Unit Blade Regulation
Manual, external, with running blades.

Presser with optimized rise and fall Cycle
Steel pressure beam ensuring high stiffness, pneumatically controlled. Pressure settled by site operator. Bilateral working movement with torsion bar which allows a perfect parallelism in all working conditions. At every cutting cycle, the presser identifies the panel thickness and positions itself a few millimetres from the panel. This reduction in rise and fall times allows cycle time benefit. The contact surface is covered in anti-scratch and stretch material.




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