Paoloni Concept 350


The Concept 350 combines traditional panel saw and beam saw features to provide a unique panel sizing so that you can do MORE with your machinery. One of the greatest things about the Concept 350 is that it takes up 50% less space than most traditional circular saws and is available in 3 different squaring lengths, 2600, 3200 and 3800.


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Paoloni’s Concept 350 is more safe and accurate than ever before, thanks to the pressure beam which covers the entire length and maintains stability of the workpiece.

Here’s a few more key features you’ll love about the Concept 350;

  • Like any traditional circular saw, the blade can tilt up to 46°
  • Contains a system which reads the width of panel so the blade automatically moves to the end of the panel to save you time waiting for empty runs
  • It’s easy to adjust the depth of the groove – no need to open the saw blade change door, just rotate the numerical dial
  • The squaring fence can be extended up to 190mm
  • LED lights on the pressure beam light up in three different colours to help ease your work.

Check out this video of the Concept 350 in action: