Holzher Glu Jet


Glu Jet Highlights at a glance

  • Automatic cleaning – at the touch of a button on the control unit
  • Touch nozzle – for precise adhesive application
  • Flexible application possibilities
  • Closed system – prevents unpleasant emissions of adhesive fumes


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Did you know?

… that EVA glue loses 10% of its adhesive strength each time it heats up in an glue pot?
… as a result of this, you only have half the glue strength available after five heating cycles?
… that the colour of the glue changes with the heating processes?
… that black glue is completely burnt and no longer has any adhesive strength?

The Holzher Glu Jet erases all these problems from the process. With the closed HOLZ-HER glue system Glu Jet, burning of the glue is impossible, as only the required amount of glue is melted at any time. So the glue maintains 100% strength and the quality of your work is the best it can be!

The Glu Jet technique for perfect zero joints

By injecting the glue under high pressure in combination with the newly developed glue application nozzle, a high-strength connection with zero joint optics is produced.

The demands of the modern customer

No one wants them any more – the unsightly adhesive joints between panels and edges, which fill with dirt and turn grey-brown over time. The trend towards zero joints in industry and trade is unstoppable and everyone wants to benefit from the sophisticated look “as if from a single source”.

PUR adhesives offer only technical advantages over conventional EVA adhesives:

  • Uncompromising water resistance, indispensable in the kitchen and bathroom furniture sector
  • High-strength connection – the edge is very solid
  • Low processing temperature (approx. 140°C) saves energy
  • Due to the thin viscosity, the PUR penetrates deeply into the board structure and seals the connection between board and edge

A minimum percentage of the adhesive remains in the finished piece of furniture. In view of the immense technical advantages of PUR adhesives, these moderate additional costs do not play a major role compared to the added value. With the HOLZ-HER Glu Jet glue system, you are choosing the best system for processing PUR adhesives on the market. You and your customers will also benefit from the breathtaking quality and perfect zero-joint appearance.

PUR glue can remain in the Glu Jet system for 48 hours, i.e. from one day to the next. Over the weekend, the PUR adhesive can be rinsed out fully automatically at the touch of a button using a neutralisation cartridge. The system can then be stored for weeks or holidays without any worries.





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