Holzher AURIGA 1308


The 1308 introduces you to powerful screen controls and the simplest machine operation for efficient machine setup and re-setting. This is the ultimate jobbing machine in its category. Height of beam, top and bottom trimmer adjustments, scraper adjustments are all controlled to 100ths of a millimeter from the control panel.

Rotatable and tiltable operating control at eye level with Windows-like intuitive user interface, all information is displayed in plain text and/or graphics, with extensive program store (80 programs)

Diamond cutters on premillers, top and bottom trimmers and corner rounder for great life.


▪ Overall length of machine 4630mm
▪ Pull out workpiece support up to 600mm
▪ Feed speed 10 m/min
▪ Suits coils and edge strips 0.4 – 8 mm (depending on material)
▪ Work piece width minimum 65 mm
▪ Work piece length minimum 180 mm
▪ Work piece thickness 6 – 60 mm
▪ Motorised pressure beam adjustment
▪ PPC 319 Controller with 18.5” colour touch screen.
▪ Pre-milling unit FG201 with 2 cutter units for joining the panel edge. Includes diamond cutters.
▪ Edge feeder 1903 for automatic transport of coils and single strips with feed belt.
▪ Glue application system Glu Jet GJ301 (2.3kW, 50Hz) suitable for processing EVA and PUR adhesives. Tracing nozzle enables automatic adjustment of gluing height.
Heat up time only 3 minutes with patented nozzle technology.
▪ Pressure unit 1912-3, with first roller driven and two support pressure rollers.
▪ End trimming unit 1918, pneumatic (60mm) for chamfer type end trimming. Tiltable to 10°.
▪ Multifunctional trimming unit, 1827 MOT4, for cutting of the top and bottom longitudinal edge. Motorised positioning of the cutter motors, includes pneumatic adjustment and blow nozzles.
▪ Corner rounding unit 1832, up to 3mm edging thickness including diamond coated tooling.
▪ Finishing scraper unit 1929 MOT2 with 2 scraper carriers, chip removers and blow nozzles.
▪ Surface scraper unit 1964, for scraping off the glue residue, including 2 blow nozzles.
▪ Nesting tracer shoes for trimming unit and radius scraper, for hinge holes down.


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