OMAL Miter Door Machine


Round end tenon machine for stiles and rails


MITER 600 2 RT

The Miter 600 2 RT is a CNC routing machine specially studied to execute a precise 45° miter with a mortise and tenon joint on the ends of cabinet door stiles and rails.
The working head is equipped with two (2) direct drive electrospindles and the machine has three interpolated axes managed by the CNC control. The special software is configured to allow maximum flexibility for various profile shapes and sizes and the ability to save set ups and working fields in a file that can be recalled manually or via bar code. The work table is divided into two zones to allow for pendulum processing and fast, consistent processing times. The machining zone has opposing left and right references for perfectly mitered corners and an OPTIONAL manually positioned back fence to control the length of the stile/rail.
This option is equipped with a digital readout and end stop to precisely control length on the second pass.
Average cycle for mortise and tenon is +/- 20 seconds depending on size and tool path selection. Score & Hog, Hog only, or Score and Hog in two steps for fragile profiles.


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