Paoloni P350



  • Manual rip fence with digital display of positon
  • Programmable motorised rise and fall
  • Programmable motorised tilt with accuracy to 0.0 degree
  • Automatic motorized rise and fall of scorer with memory of last height position
  • Separate stop-start of scorer


The sliding system adopted on the carriage, with large diameter bearings that roll along tempered and ground prismatic tracks, provides excellent smoothness and straight cutting. The tracks are fixed to the carriage and to the sub-carriage by mechanical pressure, avoiding any risk of glue losing its adhesion through age. The extension table fence can be quickly set from +45° to -45° with fixed references at each 5° and at 22°30. The special small table allows to keep the distance between the stop and and the saw blade unchanged, while changing the tilting. The saw guide, with micro-metric adjustment, slides along a ground steel bar on P350Nx and P350Sx models, while on P350Ax it slides along an aluminium bar on four wheels, the guides can easily be excluded from the work table by turning them if necessary for sawing large panels.


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