Paoloni Surface Planers


PF415N – PF530N – PF530A – PF535A

– Electromagnetic motor brake
– Electrical system conforming to “CE” regulations
– Dust extraction hood
– Dridge safety hood on planer

– Suction hood
– Larger capacity spindle motor 4 – 5.5 – 7.5 kw
– Wescott mortising chuck
– Electromagnetic brake
– Spindle with tersa type disposable knives
– Narrow pieces auxiliary fence
– “Suva” type planer shaft guard
– Planer fence with pneumatic lockings
– Automatic positioning device of the inlet table
– Mortising unit
– Overload protection



Planer Tables
The long planer tables in cast iron are adjusted through a parallelogram system on connecting rods. This system grants that during the movement, the end of the table always remains at the same distance from the planer shaft, keeping the parallelism of the tables with respect to the shaft.

Planer Fence
The planer fence is a big extruded anodized aluminium.
The fence tilting is a fast and easy operation thanks to a solid and reliable handle. The tilting locking/unlocking lever is very quick. The precision of the tilting is granted through a graduated scale and reference stops at 0° and 45°. The fence displacement that is patented, fast, easy and precise and takes place by mean of a ball bearings recirculation and 2 sliding wheels, while the displacement locking is rapid and keeps the system rigid.

Inlet Table Adjustment and Visualization
The movement of the inlet table is manual and displayed on metric scale for the models PF415N and PF530N with only one lever for displacement and unlocking while on PF530A and PF535A it is motorized and electronically displayed.



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